Pegasus Announces Partnership with 6-8 Sports and Olympic Medalists

Laurie Dunlap
  • Pegasus Water Polo Academy proudly announces its ground-breaking partnership with 6-8 Sports and its founders, Olympic water polo legends Maggie Steffens and Tony Azevedo -- setting a new standard of excellence for youth water polo in Texas
  • Using the data generated by 6-8 Sports' system, Pegasus will create individualized development plans for its athletes designed to take their games to the next level
  • Pegasus Head Coach Spencer Dornin confirmed that "Our athletes will have access to data and benchmarks so they know exactly where they stand compared to peer water polo athletes around the world.” 

Pegasus Water Polo Academy is thrilled to announce its new partnership with 6-8 Sports, bringing cutting-edge analytics to its athlete development program. 6-8 Sports was founded by Tony Azevedo and Maggie Steffens, Olympic medalists and the top water polo players of their generation. 6-8 Sports’ mission is to accelerate growth and exposure in water polo and other developing sports through its revolutionary system that combines standardized metrics, live-game tracking, and advanced data analysis.

Through 6-8 Sports and the metrics it will track, Pegasus will develop individualized development plans for its athletes aged 13 and older to take their skills to the next level. Pegasus will implement the 6-8 Challenge to measure each athlete’s water polo skills up to four times per year. The club also will use the 6-8 Sports Game Desk to track and assess each athlete’s contribution during games. Analysis of the skills metrics and live-game tracking will allow the athlete and coach to evaluate areas of strength and opportunity not only for the individual but also for their team.

Pegasus is one of the first youth water polo clubs in the country to work with 6-8 Sports to enhance athlete development and is proud to join an elite group of 6-8 partners, including FINA and the Futures League, among others.

Pegasus Head Coach Spencer Dornin said, “We’re very excited to partner with 6-8 Sports since it will allow our athletes access to data and benchmarks, so they know exactly where they stand compared to other water polo athletes around the world. Our coaches can use the 6-8 data to track our athletes’ performance and progress, which will help them create more effective training strategies for each player and their team.” Three-time Olympic gold medalist Maggie Steffens commented, “6-8 Sports is excited to partner with Pegasus, a forward-thinking club with an innovative and dedicated leadership. Our partnership strongly aligns with their mission of development, growth, and opportunity. Together, we look forward not only to setting the standard, but raising it.” Five-time Olympian and silver medalist Tony Azevedo added, “This partnership will ensure that one of the newest and biggest clubs in the country will grow efficiently and fundamentally. In the coming years, I believe Texas will produce their first Olympic water polo player and we will have the data to show exactly what they did to reach that level.”

Youth water polo is one of the fastest growing team sports in the US; it combines skill, strategy and teamwork and gives athletes a tremendous work out with minimal risk of injury. In fall 2022, water polo will become a UIL-sanctioned high school varsity sport in Texas, which should drive even higher growth in the sport in the future. Pegasus was founded in 2016, has over 200 athletes in its youth water polo program, and is recognized as one of the top clubs in the Southwest. Pegasus is accepting new athletes for trial membership; please see our website for further information and registration.