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Questions? Please contact the person below that pertains to your questions. Please do not contact the head coach Spencer Dornin.
He will simply refer you to the appropriate contact below.

Membership, Registration, and Billing - Laurie Dunlap, Admin Director

Tryouts and Two Week Trials - refer to our Tryouts page

Athlete Performance - playing time, practice conflicts, tournament play contact your practice group coach
For a listing of coach photos and bios see the coach page.

Garland Location: all practice groups contact Carl Matthews

SMU/HP/Oak Point Locations

1. Intro - Jan Petric

2. Swim2Score - Carl Matthews

3. Bronze - Carl Matthews

4. Silver:
Carl Matthews
Peter Hudak
Spencer Hamby

5. Gold:
Spencer Hamby

6. Platinum 16U
Trent Calder
Grant Miller

7. Platinum 18U
Slobodan (Boban) Stankovic 

Tournament Travel Team and National Junior Olympics (NJO's) - Luke Ouyang

Pegasus Gear Questions
- Koren McGinnis

Athlete Safety or Pool Safety - Patrick Melley

All Other Questions, please contact your practice group team parent

1. Intro - Travis Holladay

2. Swim2Score - Travis Holladay

3. Bronze - Travis Holladay

4. Silver - Xavier Tison

5. Gold - Kaili Stehel

6. Platinum Blue - Meimei Zhao

7. Platinum Red - Stefanie Nielson

Social Media - photos and videos are to be coordinated throught team parents of each practice group.