SMU Robson and Lindley Aquatics Center

Indoor competition pool
5550 SMU Blvd
Dallas, TX 75206

*on the east side of I-75
Link to SMU Parking Map

Facility Guidelines

  • SMU keeps the doors locked so please be early for practice to get in. 
  • Athletes will enter through the main doors.
  • Parents and spectators are not allowed on the pool deck. 
  • Athletes are not allowed on deck without their coach present.
  • Youth athletes are not allowed to arrive early and sit in the stands.
  • Youth athletes must arrive already changed into their swimming attire.
  • Restrooms are available in the lobby area.
  • Masters men and women athletes will have access to the men's and women's public locker rooms which offer two showers and a small changing area. 
  • Limited parking is available adjacent to the pool, across the street along Prentice St along side the Dart Rail tracks.
  • Our permit lots are W2 and W3 as shown on the parking map. The SMU tower lot is not included in our permit area.
    Parking restrictions are enforced Monday-Friday 7:00-6:00pm.
  • Masters Swimmers coming in during the weekday noon hour need to purchase an SMU digital parking permit (SMU will scan license plates).   Order parking permits here.
  • SMU Outdoor Pool Use Policy for Masters Swimming: we will not swim outdoors during thunder and lightning storms, tornado watches and warnings, nor will we swim with an outside temperature of 39 degrees Fahrenheit or below. Unless notified by email differently, we will move practices indoors for changes caused by weather to the indoor pool. When lightning is detected within a 10-miles radius, state law and SMU campus policy require that the pool be cleared and the pool deck evacuated for 30 minutes from the last presence of lightning. The final decision regarding swim location and pool clearance lies with the coach on the pool deck.
Highland Park High School Natatorium

Indoor 8 lanes
6900 Douglas Ave.
Dallas, TX 75205

*corner of Douglas and Grassmere

Facility Guidelines:

  • Parents are allowed in the main lobby area only.
  • Athletes should arrive already changed into their swimming attire.
  • Parking is limited around this facility. 
Garland ISD Natorium

Indoor competition pool
2585 Firewheel Parkway
Garland, TX 75040

Facility Guidelines:

  • Garland facility encourages wearing masks in the facility for athletes and spectators.
    Parents and spectators are not allowed on the pool deck; they must sit in the stands.
  • Parents and spectators are not allowed in the hospitality/classroom.
  • Locker rooms are closed to outside groups for use.
  • Athletes should arrive changed into their swimming attire.
  • Place gear bags in designated areas.
  • Single use bathroom is available at the South end of the pool deck. 
  • Plenty of parking available. 
Oak Point Recreation Center

Indoor pool
6000 Jupiter Rd.
Plano, TX  75074

Youth Water Polo Intro and Swim2Score practice group only at this location. 

Facility Guidelines

  • Parents and spectators are not alloed on the pool deck during practices. 
  • Parents are allowed in the stands next to the pool but not allowed to interfere with any coaching activities. 
  • Athletes are not allowed to arrive early or stay after to use the pool facility slide or diving board unless checked-in with Oak Point front desk with a membership card or pay the day use fee. 
  • Plenty of adjacent parking available. 
Semones Family YMCA

Outdoor 6 lane 25 meter pool
Seasonal location: May-August

Pool used for Masters Water Polo practices only

4332 Northaven Rd.
Dallas, TX 75229

Jesuit College Prep Pool

Indoor 8 lane competition pool
Pool used for Youth Water Polo practices only

12345 Inwood Rd.
Dallas, TX 75244