Membership Dues for Youth Water Polo

Two Payment Plans:

1. Monthly - monthly dues are automatically billed on the 1st day of each month.

2. Annually - Our annual registration season is from September 1st through August 31st each year. If you join anytime after September 1st and would like to pay annually, we can prorate your dues to the appropriate amount. The annual rate is only available to regular membership group.

Membership Type


Monthly Rate

Annual Rate

Regular Membership (All groups except Intro and Pre-Competition)

Regular membership



Pre-Competition Membership High School Pre-Competition Membership     $275.00 N/A

Intro Group Membership

Intro Membership



Trial Membership

14-day Trial Membership



* Pegasus does not offer sibling discounts. If financial assistance is needed please see the scholarship information below.

** The trial membership with Pegasus aligns with the USA Water Polo 14 day trial program. To participate in our trial program, the athlete is required to register for the USA Water Polo trial in addition to the Pegasus membership trial because we are a USA Water Polo club.

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Financial Assistance Through Scholarship

We do offer a financial assistance program to those families unable to meet the monthly requirements.
Please see our financial aid page for more information and to apply.

Membership Suspension/Cancellation Policy

There is a $275 reinstatement fee if a player temporarily suspends his/her membership.
This rule does not apply to the Intro or Swim2Score level.
To cancel your membership, please fill out the membership cancellation/suspension request form.

Fall Suspension Policy for Aug 1 - Oct 31: Pegasus supports all of our athletes that have the opportunity to play water polo this fall for their respective schools and will thus not charge the $275 reinstatement fee if an athlete choses to suspend their account from Aug 1- Oct 31 and the athlete's account will be automatically reactivated on Nov 1. If you chose to suspend the account for any different period but Aug 1 - Oct 31, as your child might be participating in other sports at his or her school, including swimming, the $275 reinstatement fee will apply. 


For any question on membership, please contact Laurie Dunlap.