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Water Polo Tryout Information

All interested athletes need to register for a try out before signing up for the two-week trial membership. You cannot show up to a practice asking to tryout and you cannot sign up for a two week trial without attending a tryout. Trial membership are for those brand new to the sport of water polo. There are three tryout group options. 

Tryout Groups

Grades K-6th Boys and Girls Boys 7th-8th Our primary goal for this age range is to introduce water polo to kids and expose them to a positive team environment. Beginner level water polo practices include a lot of swimming because you have to be a strong swimmer to be able to perform water polo fundamentals.
For 7th-8th graders, previous summer swim league or club swimming experience is recommended for this age group, but not required. See below on how to register.
Grades 7th-12th Girls Contact Coach Courtney Johnson with a tryout request at [email protected].
Grades 9th-12th Boys Contact Coach Carl Matthews with a tryout request at [email protected].

What To Wear: Your child should arrive in their swimsuit. Bring a towel and goggles.

Grades K-6th Boys and Girls and Boys 7th-8th

What To Expect and How To Register:
- Pick a tryout day listed below to try out.  We offer several try out days every month.
- The coach will evaluate your child's swimming skills and let you know which training group   would be best suited to start out.
- Your child must be able to swim 25 yards unassisted.
- If your child joins our club after tryouts, there is a set time frame your two week trial will begin and end.
- These dates will be listed in your Pegasus Tryout Info email and on the tryout registration form.
- Location tryout has no bearing on which pool you want to attend practices.
- Once you join as a member you can go to any location for your assigned practice group.
- Transfers from other water polo clubs are not eligible for the two-week trial, but need to attend the tryout for practice group placement. Athletes must have permission from the former team coach to switch over to Pegasus. 

Pool Facility Addresses and Guidelines (click link to view)


Updated 07/01/2024

 - The Tryout registration link below is only for grades K-6th Boys and Girls and 7th-8th Grade Boys.
- All registration steps below must be completed before the child can start a two week trial.
- Registering for the two week trial is a two step process so please read carefully and follow all steps.
- We do not process trial registration sign ups on the weekends.
- Please allow 48 hours for processing trial registrations during normal business hours.
- Tryout location has no bearing on where you prefer to practice. 


Tues, July 9  6:30-7:00 PM  K-6th grade boys/girls and boys 7th/8th
Tues, July 23  6:30-7:00 PM  K-6th grade boys/girls and boys 7th/8th
Wed, July 10   7:00-7:30 PM   K-6th grade boys/girls and boys 7th/8th
Wed, July 24 7:00-7:30 PM K-6th grade boys/girls and boys 7th/8th
Sat, July 13  12:30-1:00 PM  K-6th grade boys/girls and boys 7th/8th
Sat, July 20  12:30-1:00 PM  K-6th grade boys/girls and boys 7th/8th
Sat, July 13 3:30-4:00 PM  K-6th grade boys/girls and boys 7th/8th
Sat, July 27 3:30-4:00 PM  K-6th grade boys/girls and boys 7th/8th
Please note: Trials will start after your tryout when all online paperwork steps below are completed and approved by our admin.

Pool Facility Addresses and Guidelines 

General Practice Schedule by Group  (you must be a registered trial member or member to attend a practice).

Read more about the different levels of practice groups.

The Next Step: Register for a 14-Day Trial

Follow these steps to join after your tryout evaluation or email approval from our administrative director.
Trials are only for those trying the sport of water polo for the first time.

Please note: follow steps 1 and 2. Your Pegasus trial period will not be approved without completion of step 2, parts A and B. 

Step 1: Register here online for the Pegasus 14-day trial membership after your tryout.

We have to capture your information for liability insurance reasons. The 14-day trial fee is $1.00.  Select the trial membership.
The trial program is intended for those new to the sport. Those who have played with other teams previously need contact us first before joining.  

Step 2: Register online at USA Water Polo for the two week trial membership. 

A. Why do I need to join USA Water Polo? We are a USA Water Polo Club and annual USAWP membership is required for all those participating in our program for. USA Water Polo offers a two-week free trial. After the two weeks are up and if the child would like to continue in our program then upgrading to the bronze level annual membership ($55 fee) will be necessary.

C. Click here for video tutorial help with USAWP registration and more

Step 3: Let us know if you plan to join at the end of the trial period.

At the end of your trial period, please email Laurie Dunlap, the team Administrative Director, to let her know if you wish to continue in the program. 



For any question on membership or tryouts, please contact Laurie Dunlap.