Q. What should my child bring to practice?

A. Great attitude, swimsuit (preferably jammers), goggles, towel, and water

Q.  Which practice should my child go to?
A.  The coach will assign them a practice group during the tryout practice session.


Q.  How do I know my child's color group (Intro, Swim2Score, Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum)
A.  Please ask your coach at the next practice. Read more about the practice groups.

Q.  When will I be billed?
A. All Pegasus memberships are auto-billed on the first of the month. 


Q. Who should I contact about my membership, billing or club administration? 
A.  Email Laurie Dunlap, the club Administrative Director. 

Q.  Is it ok for my child to play in tournaments or game days if they are new players?
A.  Yes! We encourage all athletes to come play with us on game days and tournaments since they are fun and a great way for a child to learn the sport. Generally those in the Bronze level and up compete in tournaments. We send out emails announcing tournaments and the tournament events list can be found on our events calendar. Athletes in the Swim2Score and Intro program may particpate in tournaments if invited by a coach. 

Q. Can I go to any practice location?
A. Yes! Your membership allows you to use any practice location in your color group. Please see practice calendar under the Youth Water Polo tab.


Q. There are so many practices offered. Does my child have to go to all of them?

A. Absolutely not. Attend practices that are convenient for you and your child. For Intro, Swim2Score, and Bronze levels we recommend a minumum of 2-3 practices per week, for Silver 3-4, and for Gold 4-5.

Q.  How do I join my child's practice parent chat group?
A.  Click here to view the Parent Education page with team parent contact info to request to be added to the chat group.


Q. How do I know if a practice is canceled?

A. We immediately update the online calendar. If we have to cancel at the last minute/the day of the practice we always send out an email to all the members

Q. What is ODP (Olympic Development Program)?

A. This is our governing organization's program to identify the most talented young athletes throughout the United States. Essentially all of our Gold Athletes and some Silver Athletes participate in this program. For more info please follow this link http://www.usawaterpolo.org/odp/


Q. How do I learn how tournaments work?

A. See our Parent Education webpage listed under the Youth Water Polo tab.