Reminder! Fall 2021-2022 Youth Registration Updates, Practice Schedule, Tournament Dates, Policy Changes and More

Laurie Dunlap

August 12, 2021


Dear Pegasus Water Polo Academy Parents and Athletes,


First of all congratulations to all of you who have competed at JO’s  or helped make this amazing event possible in North Texas.

As Pegasus Water Polo Academy strives to become one of the premier water polo clubs in the United States, the Board of Directors has made several additions and changes to our program starting August 23, 2021. Please take the time to review these changes and additions carefully.

  1. Fall Registration For The 2021-22 Training Year
    1. All existing youth water polo athletes will need to re-register between August 12-20, 2021 to reserve your space on the team.
    2. Please register here. Or login to your Pegasus account, click my account, team registration. This cannot be done on your mobile phone, use a computer.
    3. Practices for returning membership will begin on Monday, August 23, 2021.
      See item number 6 and See tentative practice schedule here.
    4. We will ask for the athlete’s high school graduation year during registration. This question replaces the other aquatics club question. Don’t know HS grad year? Click here for grad year calculator.
    5. Scholarship members - please select scholarship pending registration group and we will adjust the billing on our end.


  1. Strength and Conditioning Program (S/C Program)
    1. Building on the success of the summer Strength and Conditioning Program this program will now be offered throughout the year and expanded to the following groups
      1. Swim2Score, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum
    2. It will be offered twice weekly on days water polo practices are not offered
    3. This program is an additional cost, completely voluntary, and will require a commitment sign-up each quarter. Commit here (requires Pegasus account login) or commit on your Pegasus app under Events.
    4. Cost is $300 per quarter billed quarterly (Sept/Oct/Nov, Dec/Jan/Feb, Mar /Apr/May, June/July). Prorating is not offered.
    5. The registration deadline for the first quarter S/C program is Sept 15, 2021.
    6. The program will start on August 23, 2021 for those registered by that date
    7. This program is organized by our head coach and run by our swim coaches.
    8. It will include dryland strength training, aerobic swim conditioning, and swim stroke instruction.
  2. Billing Policy Updates
    1. The Multi-Aquatic discount for athletes on a swim team or different water polo team will be eliminated effective August 31, 2021.
      1. All current members who receive a discount as members of a swim team will be grandfathered under our old policy for as long as they are active members of a competitive swim team.
      2. For 2021-22 registration purposes, please register all children as regular members and we will adjust the billing category after registration and before the September 1st billing cycle.
    2. The family discount for the 3rd child and after will be eliminated effective August 31, 2021.
      1. All families that currently have three or more children in our program will be grandfathered under our old policy.
      2. For 2021-22 registration purposes, please register all children as regular members and we will adjust the billing category after registration and before the September 1st billing cycle


  1. Parent Meetings
    1. Below please find the schedule of Parents’ meetings for each group at each of their locations. We will discuss our fall schedule and answer any questions:
      1. Monday Aug 30: Garland 5.45-6.30 (S2S/Bronze/Silver)
      2. Monday Aug 30: SMU 7.15-8.00 (S2S/Bronze/Silver)
      3. Tuesday Aug 31: Garland 5.45-6.15 (Intro/Gold/Platinum)
      4. Tuesday Aug 31: SMU 6.45-7.00 (Intro)
      5. Tuesday Aug 31: SMU 7.15-7.45 (Gold)
      6. Tuesday Aug 31: HP 8-8.30 (Platinum)


  1. Fall Tournaments

          Please mark your calendars for the following dates. This list is NOT comprehensive and travel tournaments might be added:

  1. September 4-6, 2021: Welcome to Texas ShootOut, San Antonio
    1. 18U, 16U, 14U, 12U Divisions
    2. Please RSVP your attend/decline on events page so we can gage interest in going to this tournament as soon as possible.
  2. September 25/26, 2021: Armadillo Classic, Westside Lewisville, TX
    1. 18U, 16U, 14U, 12U Divisions
  3. October 2 and 3, 2021: Viber Pigeon OctoPolo Fest, Angleton, TX (south Houston)
    1. 18U, 16U, 14U, 12U
  4. November 6 and 7, 2021: Texas Challenge Cup in Justin, TX
    1. 12U Mixed, 14u Mixed, 16U Girls, 16U Boys, 18U Girls, 18U Boys Divisions
  5. November 13 and 14, 2021: Dallas Masters Fall Invite at SMU
    1. Open Divisions only, no age groups. We will enter one team in the Men’s and possibly one team in the Women’s division
    2. Pegasus is hosting this event


Please refer to the Southwest Zone calendar for other dates, including ODP tryout dates:


  1. Tentative Practice Schedule Template for all Youth Water Polo Groups:
    1. Link to new practice calendar for all youth water polo groups. Groups are arranged by grade and skill Level:
    2. Pre-Competition:
      1. Intro is our pre-competition group which focuses mainly on swimming with some water polo basics. Most athletes are PreK-4th grade
      2. Swim2Score is our pre-competition level which will focus on swimming and introduce more water polo techniques (usually grades 2-8th)
      3. Coaches constantly re-evaluate athletes and move them to competition groups when indicated
    3. Competition Groups Assignment Guideline:
      1. Bronze - 4th Grade and Under
      2. Silver - 5th/6th Grade
      3. Gold - 7th/8th Grade
      4. Platinum - 9th-12th Grade


After registration closes, coaches will officially assign each athlete to a specific practice group.
The practice schedule will be finalized after we know how many registrations are in each practice group.
As prior, your athlete can attend any practice location within their group.


Parent Communication WhatsApp Groups:
To keep in touch on a more regular basis, each color group will have its own WhatsApp group monitored by our team parents.
Please sign up for the WhatsApp to get more specific reminders and information for your athlete’s color group.





Silver and Bronze


Intro and Swim to Score


If you have any membership/billing questions please contact Laurie Dunlap.