Pegasus 14U Takes Two Teams to Cousineau Cup in California

Laurie Dunlap

Pegasus had two 14U boys teams competing in the Evan Cousineau Cup in Orange County on October 12-13, and they both had a strong showing.  This was a very large tournament with 66 14U boys teams in three divisions, Platinum, Gold and Silver.

The Pegasus Blue team came in 4th in the Platinum (highest tier) division, well above their 16th seed.   As far as we can tell, this is the best ever result for a Southwest Zone team in this tournament.  The team had a number of upsets against much higher seeded teams, beating the 4th, 9th and 12th seeds along the way.  They also outscored the ultimate 2nd place team, Del Mar, in the second half of their game, even though they lost.  The final placement was 1. Vanguard Blue; 2. Del Mar A; 3. Newport Beach Blue; 4. Pegasus Blue.  Pegasus Blue was the only non-California team in the entire top tier, and it was filled with strong, longstanding clubs which take top results at JOs and other tournaments.

 Our younger 14U team, Pegasus Red, did well too and outperformed their seeding.  They came in 17th in the Gold (second tier) division and they had three solid wins, which was a great showing for their first non-JO California tournament.

The travel teams were put in place to get our athletes more experience playing stronger and faster teams than they might see in the Southwest Zone.  It has also been a great way to build camaraderie and a love for the sport.  Hopefully, we’ll have enough 14U and 16U girls soon so we can have travel teams for them too!


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